Youth Development and Skill Building

Youth Development and Skill Building

Foundation helps youth in their mental and physical growth while conducting Workshops and Seminars in Rural and Urban areas. Youth are a major asset of a nations. The right knowledge and guidance for the youth can give miracles for the society. Foundation prepares young people to meet the challenges of adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of activities and experiences which help them to become socially, morally, emotionally, physically, and cognitively competent.



  • Impart knowledge on Moral Values, Working for the Society, Developing new ways and ideas for the Community Development.
  • Leadership development through Youth Camps, Leadership Trainings, Seminars and Conferences.
  • Career Counseling & Educational Guidance.
  • Building and enriching the sense of Responsibility and Role for the Society.
  • Training to enhance the skills of youth to promote awareness on development issues.

Faisalabad: A workshop on Awareness Program for the Families was arranged in Faisalabad. Total 30 participants attended the workshop. The objective of the workshop was, to provide awareness to the parents and children to build a socially and ethically enriched society.


Chairman of the foundation Lt Col (R) Christopher Abid highlighted that the strong Family Relationship is a key factor in mantel, physical and spiritual growth for every member and especially for the growing youth of a society.  Each father and mother, very young man and women has a role to play.  True and Positive relationship between parent and child is one that requires hard work and efforts to make it strong and successful. Parenting is a tough job, and maintaining close relationships and open communications helps to ensure parents and their children stay connected through all ages of their upbringing.

Mr. Naeem Akhter vice chairman lauded the role of the Parents and obligations of the Children in creating strong and prosper social environment and valued social structure.  He supported his arguments by giving references from day to day life and history. Few of the parents were also invited to share their valuable views and subsequently few of the youngsters were also given the opportunity to express their thoughts.

Mrs Naseem Sarfraz mother of 4 children emphasized, the mother has a role to play for a successful future of his children.

A young teenaged Ms Sumbal speaking on behalf of children focused on the understanding and communication between the parents and children a key factor for a progressive and flourishing society.

Lahore: There were 42 participants who were taught Leadership and Discipline by the Chairman Foundation for Human Excellence.

Okara: 29 participants were educated on Leadership, Vision, Goal Setting and Communication. The participants also shared their views on role of youth, their development both intellectually and mentally, the other avenues for the youth such like career counseling, mentoring, job seeking, building relationship and understanding of their role and other activities connected to well being of humanity and society.

Lahore: A one day Career Guidance Seminar was arranged for young boys and girls. Over 110 participants attended the seminar; these young boys and girls were over with their Higher Secondary and Intermediate level education and were for their degree classes etc. The participants were imparted knowledge about Career Management, its Planning and likely Careers, keeping in view the individual’s abilities, skills and characteristic. A Career Counseling session was also conducted.  Chairman of the foundation was the resource person.

Lahore: A workshop on Career Counseling was arranged for college/university students and working youth. Over 50 participants attended the workshop. Few of the people working in corporate sectors and working as consultants were also invited to share their thoughts. It was a useful platform to give an insight to the youth to develop themselves and make them compatible with the changing environment in the corporate sectors and field of education.


Faisalabad: On August 12, 2010, an awareness program for the youth was organized on The International Youth Day in Chak no. 296 RB Road, Harisinghwala, a village located about 10 k.m west of Faisalabad. Speaking on the occasion the Chairman of the Foundation said, “our youth give us hope, hope to dream and to know that we can be anyone we want to be and do anything we want. We have hope because we think we can, or rather, we know we can, and this is what takes us from one step to another as we try and fail, try and succeed, and try and learn. The young people have the energy, both physically and mentally, to work hard and not to be afraid of getting tired and losing strength”. He also explained that how badly youth is being effected by the various prevailing environments. Drug is one which has to be countered before it reaches to the young.

Few of the participants also shared their views on the role of the youth in the modern era for self development and development of communities. The participants were served with the lunch and refreshments.

On 1 September 2010 a conference on Leaders of Tomorrow was held at Mariam Colony, Loharanwala Khou, on Multan Road. The village is 26 KM on Multan Road from Lahore. There are about 110 families living there in the area. President of the local youth give the introductory address. Chairman Foundation for Human Excellence described the role of a leader in the society and community. He emphasized that it the youth who has to shoulder their responsibility of leading their people. Few of the participants and local leaders also shared their views. It was a very useful session for youth of a rural area participants took keen interest in listening to various speakers. In the end all the participant and guests were served with the tea.

Chak No 142 RB, Ghartal Khurd. On 26th September 2010 a buck up day was celebrated with the youth of Chak No 142 RB, Ghartal Khurd and surrounding villages, Tehsil Chak Jhumra, District Faisalabad. 29 young boys and girls who recently passed their Matriculation and Intermediate Examinations were awarded shields and cash prizes. They were motivated on setting goals for their life in the field of education by a number of speakers present on the occasion. Mr. Paul Southern from Singapore was the special guest at the ceremony. The participants were served with lunch at the end.

Chak no 142 RB Ghartal Khurd Chak Jhumra. On 17 November 2010 a one day program on Youth Development and Skill Building was held at Chak no 142 RB Ghartal Khurd Chak Jhumra. The college and university students from the neighboring villages attended the training program. The focus of the program was on Leadership and Career Development.A counseling session with the young students was also held. Over 30 young girls and boys participated in the program.

Lahore: A cricket tournament was organized in collaboration with Christian Foundation Lahore. Teams consisting of young Christian and Muslim athletes from different sectors of the city participated in the tournament. The tournament was clos

ed on December 18, 2010. Chairman FHE, Lt Col (R) Christopher Abid gave awards and certificates to the achievers in the tournament and the winning team. Speaking on the occasion, chairman FHE put emphasis on the importance of sports and athletics in the young generation. He also added that sports are not only a healthy activity but they also encourage the youth to stay away from committing crimes and using drugs and narcotics amongst the youth. Later he thanked the management for organizing the event and hoped that such type of activities will continue in the future as well for the development of youth.

Jevay Pakistan Youth Conference – 23 March 2011

On 23 March 2011, a one day Jevay Pakistan Youth Conference was held, held at Peace Hall of St. Joseph Church, Lahore Cantt to recall the hard work done by Christians in creation of Pakistan and paying reverence for their services. The conference was held at the platform of International Counsel for Interfaith Dialogue Pakistan.Chairman FHE speaking on the occasion reminded the youth of their role of building a peaceful Pakistan.The youth must excel at their best and deliver the goods.Seven other speakers including Parish Priest St. Joseph Church also shared their views on the subject.

Counseling and Career Guidance Program – 18 June 2011.

A counseling and career guidance program was arranged at Peace Hall, St. Joseph

Church on 18 June 2011. The program was arranged for the young students who have appeared in Matriculation Examinations. It was attended by more then 200 participants. Lt Col (R) Christopher Abid Chairman FHE speaking on the occasion highlighted the importance of the career management in the life of an individual. He encouraged young boys and girls to join Armed Forces and explained the criteria and procedure of joining. Following speakers also shared their views on the topic.

a. Mr. Shahid Ambrose Mughal – Manager Program delivery, YES Network Pakistan.

b. Mr. Amir Irfan – Caritas Pakistan

c. Rev. Fr. Franis Nadeem – Parish Priest St Joseph Church

d. Rev. Fr. Jacob

e. Rev. Fr. Renato

Career Guidance and Counseling Seminar – 17 July 2011.

A seminar on “career guidance and counseling” was arranged by FHE in Chak No. 6, 4 – L, Rahimpur, Okara. Over 50 young Boys and Girls participated in the program. The focus of the seminar was on career, career planning and counseling. The participants were explained the importance of carrer planning in an individuals’s life. Following resource persons from various professional backgrounds shared their views and experiences with the participants.

a. Lt Col (Retd) Christopher Abid                       MBA HRM

b. Dr. Mubarik Yaqoob                                           Agricultural Expert

c. Mr. Sohail Emmenual                                         Teacher

d. Mr. Zeeshan Daniel                                              MBA Marketing

e. Mr. Kenneth Fahad                                              MBA Finance

f. Mr. Emmenual                                                        Social Worker

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